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The 2017 Feast of the Three Saints was a huge success in spite of Hurricane Harvey!  Just hours before the Feast was to begin, the members of the St. Alfio Society had to make a decision:  To run the Feast in the traditional manner or to change the Procession of the Three Saints to Saturday afternoon.  This was the first time in history that anyone remembers having to make that decision. 
Many things had to be done to have this be a successful change. 
The members had to contact the media to alert them of the change as well as get the message out on social media. Entertainment had to be rearranged,  a Priest had to be notified to the time change in the Benediction.  The Fireworks people had to adjust their schedules and the police and fire departments had to make an adjustment in their time.  The marching bands also had to be contacted.
All the members of the Society pulled together to make this all possible.


It turns out it was the right decision as it poured out most of the day on Sunday.  The Feast still continued and some brave souls did come to enjoy the Feast in spite of the  rain.  The night ended with the raffle drawing at 10PM.  The Saints remained inside on Sunday, safe from the elements. We want to thank the media who stepped up and gave us wonderful coverage alerting everyone to the major change in scheduling and the Police and Fire Departments for their outstanding work.  The fireworks people who really did a great job, the marching bands who are always a great treat, the entertainment for understanding the shortened venue, and Father William P. Lohan for coming to our aid at the last minute and saying the Benediction; it was very moving.  .
Thank you to all who came and participated in our great Feast. We now start preparing for the 95th Feast of the Three Saints and we hope to see you all there!

Viva Sant Alfio!

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