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Buona Festa

In Sicily the Feast of The Three Saints is celebrated on May 10th every year. Although, here we have it during Labor day weekend we host a May 10th Mass to Honor the Saints.
Why is the Feast in Sicily Held on May 10th?

On May 10th 253 AD Brothers Alfio, Filadelfo, and Cirino were martyered after they refused for the last time to renounce their faith. Their tombs remain in Lentini to this day, beneath the Church of Sant'Alfio. St. Alfio's tongue was ripped out, Filadelfo' was burned over goals, and Cirino was put in a cauldron filled with hot oil. Sicily honors the Saints lives by hosting the feast on the anniversary of their death.

Why is the Feast in Lawrence held on Labor Day Weekend?

Since most Italian Immigrants were mill workers they were not able to take the time to host the feast on May 10th, especially since it is a three day celebration. Instead, Labor Day weekend was a perfect time for the Lawrence community to commemorate and celebrate the Saints.

Date: May 10th 2022
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Holy Rosary Shrine
auguriamo a tutti una buona festa.
-The members of the St Alfio Society
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