St. Alfio Society


Friday, September 1, 2017

Feast opens
     6:00 PM

City Hall        6:30PM
Opening procession to Corpus Christi Parish at Holy Rosary Church

Main Stage/Bandstand  8:00PM
Steven Savio

Main Stage/Bandstand  9:00PM
Aaron Caruso

Tripoli Stage  8:30PM


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Due to the impending weather (rain on Sunday), we are taking the Saints out Saturday afternoon at 3PM.  We will process the same Traditional Feast route and will have our normal confetti and Fireworks.  We will still have our Torchlight parade, but with a few changes. 

  • The Saints will arrive at the intersection of Newbury and Common Street around 7:15PM and we will park the Vara on Newbury Street facing the intersection.

  • We will then go to our starting spots for the Torchlight parade and meet at our normal time 8PM for the traditional fireworks and cheers. The Saints will for the first time witness our Torchlight festivities and cheers.

  • After that we will move the Saints onto Common Street and have our Moment of Glory about 9PM in front of our Society Building

  • The Saints will then come back to the Church around 10PM

Sorry for all the changes, but we feel that this is the best decision for the Feast. The Feast will still be open regular hours on Sunday.

Feast opens   12:00 PM

Tripoli Stage 12:00 PM
Lawrence YMCA Music Club

Tripoli Stage  2:00 PM
Cannoli eating contest

Three Saints Cafe  2:00 PM
Busty Faro

Holy Rosary Church   4:00 PM
Procession of the Statues of the Three Saints through the Feast Neighborhood

Torchlight Parade  6:00 PM
Corner of Common and Newbury Streets honoring our Saints. Ending with fireworks & Cantata played by the St. Alfio Band.

Tripoli Stage   8:30 PM
Doo Wop Deville

Main Stage/Bandstand  8:00 PM
Vanessa Salvucci

St. Alfio Society Building  9:00 PM
"Moment of Glory"  with Benediction & Cantata played by the St. Alfio Band amidst fireworks and showers of confetti

Main Stage/Bandstand  9:00 PM

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mass in honor of the Three Saints  10:00 AM

Feast Opens  12:00 PM

Corpus Christi Parish at
Holy Rosary Church   3:00 PM
The Saints will be on view, weather permitting.

Three Saints Cafe  4:00 PM
Busty Faro

Tripoli Stage  8:00 PM
RB Entertainment- Ralph Boragine

Main Stage/Bandstand  8:00 PM
B-Street Bombers